Pre-Tan Instructions



To get the maximum benefits of your tan; be shaved, exfoliated, no lotions or topical meds (Anything on your skin will keep it from absorbing evenly) (this is the most important!


The less rubbing on the skin the better it will set in and last. So make sure to bring something to wear after your sprayed. NO TIGHT STRAPS OR JEANS. Button up shirts are best if you have one. We encourage sweatpants, pajamas, whatever is comfortable, no judgment here!


You can do the airbrushing any way you feel comfortable, whether be it in a swimsuit, underclothes, topless, etc. Policy that everyone wears bottoms of some sort. (think of what kind of "tan lines" you want)


After your session, you will need to wait 8 hours before rinsing, heavy sweating, anything that would make it smear while it is developing. (can rinse after a few hours if you do the Allegro/speedy solution)